Friday, May 31, 2013

Very concept of office job confuses Redditor

It’s unclear whether it was a wind-up or not, but one Reddit user posted an astoundingly dense question on the site: “What exactly do people do in office jobs?”

In case you wonder why he’s asking, ‘IAMLORDTHUMPER’ elaborates: “I see people post about their office jobs and I see it in movies and whatnot all the time. But what exactly are you people doing? Or at least what are you being paid to do? I just don't get it.”

Several Redditors -- that is, people lacking emotional intelligence -- proceeded to offer very illuminating accounts of what office work involves. One of the most po-faced responses was by  ElfBingley, whom you sense doesn’t have much to do in his office.

ElfBingley broke office work down into six distinct areas, with an explanatory paragraph on each. “There are probably more people that I missed, but you get the idea,” he said, after explaining what someone in Finance, Logistics, Sales, HR, IT and General Admin entails.

Then IAMLORDTHUMPER comes back, and gives the sense that he may indeed have been pulling everyone’s leg: “Is there no office job for the folks who just want to rock and roll all night?”

To which one comedian replies, “Software developer is probably the closest you get.”

Thanks for clearing that up, guys!