Thursday, September 17, 2009

The best cheap web hosting

If you don’t have a website yet, then this article if for you. It will help you with choosing the web hosting service that is right for your office.
For as little as USD 4.95 per month you can have a host for your web pages (even if you are a business owner, self-employed or a home worker and your activity or income depend on the Internet).
There are some features you should keep in mind when choosing the web hosting service for your office: disk space, band width, the number of domains and of course the monthly fee you have to pay. Nowadays you can get very good value for your money in terms of hosting services. Companies offering this kind of service have amazing offers included in the package.

The web hosting platform is Linux but your IT department will deal with this. You can also get extra help from the web hosting company – most of them offer excellent customer support and can guarantee that their server is up 98-99%. What you need to think about is the disk space – its size depends on your needs and the number of pages you will launch for your website.

Choose the best cheap web hosting for your office and business then the best designer out there to get you a well-designed profitable website.


Mary Visor said...

When I first created a website I used a free hosting service which gave me a subdomain for mysite. i.e.

This had several draw backs including the obvious fact I did not have a typical website domain. $4.95 is cheap for a hosting provider. If you have built a website and would like to choose a reliable host is uggest using the service. Otherwise wordpress could be a good option for a newbie to the website world.