Saturday, July 18, 2009

PC drawing tablets for creative offices

A drawing tablet is a specialized tool for graphic designers who wanted to skip the traditional drawing process. Instead of using pencil and paper to draw, the artist or designer can go directly to computers. The drawing tablet will serve as the pen and paper and their input will be reflected in their chosen computer.

There are many PC drawing tablets to choose from online and in your local computer shops but not all drawing tablets are the same. You need to choose based on the following factors:

•Size - the wider workspace you’ll need, the pricier it gets. The smallest tablet comes in 4” workspace while the biggest tablet as of this writing is an 8” and it could easily get bigger in the future.
•Footprint – the size of the workspace is not the actual size of your drawing in your computer. Choose a table that offers a maximum footprint that’s comfortable for your designing or drawing methods.
•Interface – the choice is also personal as many PC drawing tools want to be different for brand recognition. Try out at least three brands before choosing.
•Pen – never select a drawing tablet because of its pad alone. Look for a tablet that provides a comfortable feel in your hands when you draw.

Even for businesses that are not focused on graphic designs or drawing, a PC drawing tablet is still a recommended tool. The drawing tablet can be used to have manual comments on photos for better understanding. Some drawing tablets can even recognize handwriting which provides a more personal note to those who receive the message.