Monday, July 13, 2009

Netbooks for your office

A netbook is a small-screened laptop that focuses on mobility. Instead of the usual 14” laptops, a netbook could come in 7” screens. These laptops are small enough to be placed in a bag and could weight no more than 1kg. It’s a type of laptop that could do simple office tasks, connect online, listen to music and watch videos. Because of the advancement of technology, some netbooks could even handle HD (high definition) videos. All of these could be enjoyed without having to spend more than $400. The most affordable laptops could cost you no less than $500 and they could be bulky and heavy.

Even though netbooks could be a great addition to your office because it can be productive without being expensive, it does have some trade-offs. Aside from the small screen which could hurt the eye, the operating system (OS) of netbooks usually comes with Linux. Of course, Linux is not a bad operating system but there are applications that can only run in Windows or a Mac. Linux is also seen as “advanced” operating system which requires time before certain operations could be easily implemented. There are also netbooks that comes with Windows (usually XP) operating system but it could cost you additional $50.

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable laptop that’s completely mobile, could do basic office tasks with an impressive battery life, consider a netbook. As technology advances, the price of powerful netbooks is getting more affordable every year. Instead of bringing bulky laptops to office meetings, a netbook should be more than enough for mobile office productivity.