Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let the Blackberry take you by storm

When it comes to running a business, whether it's online or in the real world, you have to be able to do things on the go. The good news is that there are a lot of phones out there that can help you with that. One of the best is known as the Blackberry Strom. Now, this is a Blackberry phone that you may have already heard of, but what you may not know is what makes it so great.

First of all, the feature that you are first going to notice about this phone that makes it different from other Blackberry phones is the touch screen. This makes it easier to control what you are doing on the Blackberry without having to use the track ball. Of course, the Blackberry Storm can help your business grow in so many other ways.

Some of the features you are going to find on this phone are, not only wireless email and an organizer, but you also get a web browser. People also note that they like the video recording feature to use on the fly, and the phone also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera! Sure, that is all great, but you need more than just that to run a business. Well, this little phone is just like a small computer. It comes with an on screen keyboard that is easy to use, as well as a built in GPS.

The Blackberry storm comes with 1 GB of memory and 128 MB of flash memory. However, you do not have to worry if that is not enough for you, because it also supports microSD cards, meaning that you have expandable memory options.