Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Toshiba Profit Loss Crowns Sony Blu-ray Winner

On an earlier post we went deep into the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war which saw the Japanese colossus Sony making a great marketing and technological comeback. Sony won the rematch on the high definition format ring.

Toshiba, initially backing up HD DVD technology players, admitted their defeat by Sony-backed rival Blu-ray in February. The Final blows where given after Warner Bros complied with fellow companies like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney and Twentieth Century Fox opted for Blu-ray as their movie standard since the beginning of the "battle".

Toshiba announce the discontinuation of HD DVD technology, a move which will bring a bitter financial impact on the company's bottom line. The cost will climb up to $666m (£330m) and obviously affect its 2007 profits. Unfortunately, the falling price of flash memory chips will hurt further the Japanese giant, whose next move is very much anticipated globally.