Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Robotic Mobile Talking

You are thinking of giving her a call but you aren’t sure, you don’t know what to do so you just fiddling with your mobile phone. A digital wink and an electronic voice saying “g o – o n – g i v e – h e r – a – c a l l” talks you in to it. Nonsense? Nope, not really. It is well known Japanese mobile technology has pioneered mobile phone functions non of us could imagine when using their Ericsson 768 few years ago. It is also common ground them being the undisputed leaders in robotic technology. I know I have started making sense gradually. Just imagine the two technology sectors “married up” and their offspring would like this obscure robomob in slick silver or shinny black.

Next mont Softbank Mobile Corp Japan, will release the Phonebraver a brand new mobile technology with robotic technical characteristics and even features. The phone – yes it is still a phone – can’t move, at least not yet but it shows off its learning abilities by responding to the user’s repeated actions. Producing default sound messages the development of a simple conversation will actually be possible. The device's level of communication capability hasn't yet been decided and neither is the price. Just be patient for a month..