Friday, March 14, 2008

My Vibrating Mouse-Logitech

The need for easier, more precise and anatomic mouse technology has been troubling manufacturers who find it difficult to innovate further after the optical mouse release. Few of the major producers though, have actually interesting and practical solutions to suggest.

Lets take Logitech today for example. The company suggests the $40 IFeel Mouse, just $10 more expensive than a standard mouse, and the $60 IFeel MouseMan which can be found at I agree they do look a bit conventional, detaining myself from saying cheap. However, the new technology they offer might come in handy to devoted Internet surfers. The mouse actually vibrates in your palm giving you a physical signal when your cursor moves over icons, menus, hyperlinks, and bookmarks.

As though unneseccary as it may sounds, its functionality is better displayed on busy Internet pages, clutered with advertisments and survey requests where pointing exactly to the place you want to click becomes complicated. On tests on a variety of Web sites and busy Windows desktops the IFeel Mouse range actually aids users with their... clicking. Unfortunately, the IFeel software necessary to load the drivers may be incompatible with many touchpad devices on some notebooks. If Logitech works a bit on the looks and software compatability I can see vibrating mice on our desks from now on.