Monday, March 17, 2008

Microsoft Trackball Anatomic mouse

If the experience of painful hand cramps after a hard day’s job on your work PC has become an every day necessary evil, then you are unaware of the Trackball devices. Trackball devices have become a must have, can’t leave without favourites for those suffering hand cramps caused by conventional mouse use.

Microsoft, being a company despising to be left behind in new technology, has long now released two new right-hand trackballs, Microsoft Trackball Optical for $45, Microsoft Trackball Explorer $75. The devices rely on optical tracking technology of course, lacking internal moving parts and equipped with an optical sensor taking "snapshots" of the trackball at 2000 images per second provide users with accurate cursor control. The device actually remains stationary on your work station and you “work out” only your fingers.

Trackball Explorer and the Trackball Optical are differentiated from each other on the placement of the trackball itself and where the customizable buttons are positioned. Personally, I failed to see how the device’s logistics affect the bottom price.

The Trackball Optical has the ball on the left side for the thumb to operate, leaving the scroll wheel and left and right buttons in a more conventional location on top for easier clicking. Two customizable subordinate buttons are also located on top, but since they will call for your pinkie’s maneuvers you will need time to adapt to it.

The Trackball Explorer's large red ball sits on top of device, with the wheel and the left and right buttons situated where your thumb naturally rests. The two customizable buttons – is this some kind of trademark – are on the right of the trackball and rely again on your pinkie and ring fingers for operation.

Both trackballs are good devices differing only in comfort options, coming down to the individual user, which is right for him. Do give them a try before you choose one, though personally I thought Explorer is unjustifiably overpriced. The Optical offers better value, as there are basically the same.


Anonymous said...

And where can you buy the trackball explorer for $75.00?

Maybe if you know, you could inform me, as I need another for my office as well...? :-)

Paul Kiler