Sunday, March 30, 2008

iPhone I Love your new Stylus

Gossip and fuss, so much publicity and unending rumours around probably the most anticipated hi-tech gadget the last few years and finally costumers managed to lay their hands upon the touch screen technological miracle for an iPhone from our favourite Apple.

The issue we will cover today is a simple one, emerged by Apple’s persistence upon style rather than practicality. iPhone’s touch screen interface might be the most sophisticated and accurate I have ever used but still Apple refused to release any sort of stylus device (a small pen shaped tool for allowing easier use of the touch screen technology) claiming that the interface combined with the size of the screen allowed sufficient precision and mobility using only your fingers. The use of a stylus would probably affect the stylish and user friendly phone and definitely the advertisements wouldn’t look so cool.

Nevertheless, out there in this world there are a few individuals with chunkier, bigger fingers who love technology despite of their anatomic differences to nowadays slim geeks. Pogo is a company who is totally beyond racism and is trying to unite all hi-tech well built funs and slim geeks under their loving arms. Their latest product which is a soft tipped stylus and the product pack includes a discreet clip to keep the stylus handy at all times. It is specifically designed to be compatible with Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone offering easier selection of on-screen items that can be used without harming your favourite “toys” as it is made from soft materials.

So, if you are experiencing problems with screen touching Pogo stylus could be your solution, or maybe its is a bunch of worthless crap?