Sunday, March 09, 2008

From now on... office love is "banned"

While love is in the air the Valentine's Day, that love would be better not polluting the office air for a third of US companies.

It may sound weird but 1/3 of US companies apply policies against office romances, although 38 percent of employees working in office positions claim to have met their better half at work. Normally, that 38% were not all come from those companies that ''ban'' office romances, but the survey revealed that 4 out of 10 people say they simply ignore their company's ''love ban''.

You can understand how things can end up if an office romance goes bad. But even if it does not go bad, many of those romances can make things complicated for many more than just the 2 ''lovers'' involved.

However, I cannot see how companies can ban romance in the working environment. Day-to-day practice has shown that when people get banned from doing something considered as ''bad'', they feel more forced to do it. Therefore, all that this policy will do is force workers to try and hide it more.

Besides, it is said that a good employee is a happy employee, right? But what does make an employee happier than love?