Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make your PC greener with Ecobutton

Want to save power without reducing your computer’s performance? Look no further than Ecobutton, a simple-to-use gadget that shifts your PC or laptop into energy saving mode when you’re not using it.

Ecobutton is a small button about the size of a yoyo which connects to your computer with a USB cable. (It's not compatible with Macs.) Once you’ve installed a piece of free software, you can hit the button whenever you’re not using your computer – when you go on lunch break, for example – and it reverts your system to a much more efficient ‘sleep’ mode.

The results are startling. If your computer uses around 120 watts of power when it’s running normally, hit the Ecobutton and it consumes just under 4 watts. In other words, it decreases your energy consumption by around 98 per cent.

Ecobutton doesn’t do anything that manually turning your PC to ‘sleep’ mode wouldn’t do. But it is easier, and having it connected to your desk serves as a visual cue to save energy whenever you’ll be away from your desk for more than a few seconds.

If everybody in your office used Ecobutton, there are big savings to be made -- of both time and money.