Monday, July 14, 2014

Revolutionary Pen Designs

Note making can be dull but, with these super modern pens on the market, it doesn't have to be.

Always losing pens?  Then maybe you could use the Inka pen.  This space-age pen attaches to keys and clothing, has a watertight seal when closed but is still easy to pull out and write with.  It even converts into a full sized pen and has a PDA stylus integrated into it at the other end.
Need to do a lot of writing but find you keep getting hand cramp?  The Cramp Free Pen is made of aluminium, has rubber grips on three sides and is ergonomic to ensure smooth writing without the hand cramp.
The ultimate in sex appeal now comes in pen form.  The Lamborghini pen, created by Omas, is inspired by the lines and construction of the world's sexiest super car.  It is triangular shaped to mimic the lines of the car and has a rhodium plated eighteen karat gold nib.
It's all about multi-tasking in Korea with this pen made by Narae Inter.  Not only is it a ball point pen, it also has a 4GB USB drive and a laser pointer which can be charged through the USB.
Another amazing Korean designer, Jinsu Park, has created the dream pen for any artist.  The Color Picker Pen allows the user to scan colours around them into the pen which then mixes the colour from its inks inside to create that specific shade.
So, who said pens were boring?  Not with these designs.