Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Vodafone and 02 to roll out 4G mobile internet


August 29th is when battle commences between the UK’s mobile networks to offer the best 4G mobile internet service. Both Vodafone and O2 are launching on the same day in a bid to win over customers who value the faster mobile internet speeds 4G has to offer. For businesses and professionals who need the web while on the move, 4G could make life a lot easier.

4G stands for 4th Generation, and can provide mobile speeds close to those of regular wireless broadband. The advantage being, of course, that you don’t need to be in the vicinity of a wireless router to achieve these speeds. Providing you’re in the wider 4G area – i.e. London, and for O2 customers Leeds or Bradford – internet will be as fast on the bus as at home.

This means business people won’t have to be as cautious about leaving the office to work. With a tablet or a smartphone, providing they have the right software, high speeds will be available everywhere in the city besides tunnels and at the bottom of wells.

The only fly in the ointment is the data limits being set by the providers, which are pretty darn low. The standard contract, which costs £52 a month with a phone (£26 without), has a 2GB a month download limit. 8GB a month – which is the equivalent of 2,000 mp3 files – is £62 a month with a phone.

But for people who need to be both mobile and super connected, that could be worth it.