Thursday, August 29, 2013

Intel's new Haswell Tablet Laptop reviewed

At the start of the year Intel released prototypes for their new device, the Haswell tablet/laptop crossbreed. But it wasn’t until the Future Showcase event in London that people had the chance to get a closer look at their latest device.
The gadget promises a lot: improved portability and versatility due to its construction and functionality as both a laptop and tablet. But one aspect grabbing people’s attention is its ability to resize its display. This feature is known as ‘smart frame’, which means the device adapts its screen depending on how you use it.

Quick and easy

This should certainly be a hit with users, as it means you don’t cover half the screen with your hands when you use it as a tablet, but still can make the most of the full screen size when you’re typing. The device also makes the switch quickly and easily. As soon as you detach the ‘north cape’ you can see the screen shrink to its smaller 11.6 inch size. Not only that, it disables the controls around the screen to ensure nothing gets touched by mistake.

To disconnect the north cape, you simply hit a disconnect button, but even this has been strategically placed at the top of the screen to improve ease of use as you only need one hand to remove it.

The keyboard 

The keyboard itself has had good reviews, with many saying it is easier to use than other ‘cape’ style keyboards yet still maintaining the soft touch. The screen vibrancy is noticeably improved to help bring things to life and make it easier on your eyes.

As well as the new ‘smart frame’, Intel haven’t put all their focus on this feature, they’ve also thought about other typical improvements customers would expect, such as longer battery life, to help give the device and overall grand appeal rather than just a snazzy feature.

The weight of the Haswell is another draw. At just under 1kg it really is lightweight and compact, just what you need. It comes fully equipped with no less than three USB ports so you can still use it as a fully functioning laptop with the look and feel of a tablet.