Monday, July 29, 2013

Microsoft goes on the attack in battle for tablet supremacy

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets are supposed to challenge the dominance of Apple’s iPad. And this time they’re coming out fighting, with two ads that challenge Apple head to head. Here’s the first one, which tries to convince you that Windows has the better numbers in terms of weight, size and being able to do more stuff.

Convinced? Nah, thought not.

Well hold onto your seats, because the second video pokes fun at Apple’s help function, Siri, using its own computerised voice to make fun of the iPad.

As well done as these attack ads are, it’s going to take more than a few cheap shots to knock Apple off its perch as the kind of tablet computing. Especially since reviews of the first batch of tablets running Windows 8 have suffered some scathing reviews.

Gizmodo’s reviewer was particularly unimpressed, calling Acer’s new Iconia W3 device ‘Totally useless'. Ouch