Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some great office gadgets for Secret Santa

Every year offices all over the UK partake in the long held tradition of Secret Santa. Now, this can be a stressful time, what if you get that guy who never speaks to you? Or your boss?? Well here at Office Stuff we think you can never go wrong with some office gadgets. So here is our top 5 list:

USB Memo Pad
This erasable Memo pad is an eco friendly way of writing down notes as you work.  You can erase with one stroke, plug it into your PC with no installation bother and it has a handy 3 extra USB ports for whatever else you may have lying around.

IPhone 4 Desktop Phone
We all know we aren’t allowed to be caught talking to your mother or significant other on your mobile. With this ingenious device you can make it seem as if you are on an important client call to your nosy manager who keeps an eye on you from across the office.  It also has a speaker doc for your ipod for when you find yourself staying late all by yourself.. get your groove on!

Like/Dislike Stamps
For those of you working in Social Media, these nifty stamps are a cool way to sort out your paper work. Or stamp your colleagues on the head.

USB Toast hand warmers
It’s getting frosty outside and your office heaters just aren’t cutting it. Treat your Secret Santa to these USB hand warmers, in the shape of toast. Plug them into your PC, slip them on and tap away contentedly on your frozen keyboard.

Pink Diamante Mouse
Sometimes all you need is a bit of luxury, and here it is. A crystal infused pink mouse that you can replace your old, boring, probably sticky black one with. With precise optical sensor and 800 dpi sensitivity, what more can you ask for? Tiara not included.


Karen said...

Great ideas! Where can we buy those gadgets from?