Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Great Halloween Activities in Office

Halloween has quickly become the second most popular holiday in America. It’s rubbing off on people in the UK too, who are keen to get in on all of the Halloween traditions the season offers.

Decorations, costumes and sweets are the main staples of the time and, although Halloween is only one day, the few weeks leading up to the night can be just as fun as going out on All Hallows Eve itself.

This year the day falls on a Wednesday, right in the middle of the working week. Chances are parties will be held the weekend before, or after – to coincide with Guy Fawkes night – but there’s no reason not to celebrate it at work. Several ideas you can implement are:

Costume Contest – this one’s easy enough to pull off, just make October 31st a costume day! It’s something that will have people laughing and joking around, plus the idea of a prize could inspire some brilliant creations. This works well in larger offices, and the photo-ops are always a good thing.

·        Charity Activities – this one is slightly different and depends on the company. Chances are you’ll have an alright manager that would allow work to end early and get some traditional Halloween activities going like bobbing for apples. Make it last for a few hours after work, get families and the community involved and make it a great evening of laughs and charitable contributions!

·        Trick or Treating – Again, depends on the office (and it works better with larger ones) but get everyone to bring in some sort of sweet to keep on their desk and as the day goes on encourage some trick or treating around the office. It’s good to get people mingling that may not work together too often and create a real office dynamic – especially if you have several large departments.

·         Halloween Lunch – get everyone in the office to prepare something spooky for lunch and bring it in! It might be bat-shaped cookies,  a blood-red punch, hand-shaped cakes, whatever! The cooking buffs in the office will love it, and everyone loves a festive snack. Make sure you let everyone know about any allergies in the office though.

All in all, it might be a scary holiday but Halloween can prove to be an incredibly social event. If you use it right, you could make Halloween in the office a tradition and have people looking forward to it all year – and it helps bring everyone together (just in time for the Christmas presents!)

photo courtesy of jurvetson