Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 More Seriously Cool Offices

We made a post a while back about 3 amazing offices to workin, well here’s 3 more to tantalise you and start bugging your manager for a redesign of your own workspace.


First up, we have the offices for the Bank of Moscow in Kuznetsky Most. Designer Alexey Kuzmin has managed to keep the architectural integrity of a beautiful building and seamlessly integrate modern comfort and design elements. Centred around a hexagonal entrance hall, it leads into a plus and white interior that looks like one of the comfiest place to work.


Well, maybe the Bank of Moscow is the second plushest place to work. The Skype’s ‘On Cloud 9 in an Historical Brewery’ offices in Stockholm look like the physical embodiment of the company’s software; light, soft and comfy. Designed by PS Arkitektur, the use of rounded shapes and bright colours, as well as some incredibly cool lighting, encourages a far more relaxed feel to the offices and feeds the creativity that the company expects from its employees.


The Shanghai offices for the design company Coordination Asia are incredibly suave and elegant. Some might think that they are a bit dark, a bit moody and perhaps not the ideal office environment, but it would be hard to argue that the offices don’t just ooze of great taste and stylishness. Looking more like a rockstar’s apartment than an office, it must be said that Coordination Asia have created a beautiful place to look at, even if working in it isn’t your thing.