Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top 3 Mac Book Air rivals

MACBOOK Air 2011
Size: 0.3-1.7 thick
Weight:1.08-1.35 kg
Runtime: 7 hours (WiFi on)

While the latest version of Macbook Air (2011) is still the leading ultrabook of the market with up to 7 hours of wireless surfing and its 1kg weight, Apple's competitors are looking for their share of the market. 2012 brought some brand new models from all major manufacturer, but are those ultrabooks better than the MacBook Air?

Difficult to compare; on one hand we have a delightful combination of hardware and software, with the MBA’s multi-touch trackpad, nearly instant wake up from hibernate, great and not bugged applications, perfectly shaped aluminum case with backlit keyboard and MacOS X…

On the other hand we can see some good MacBook Air imitations (aluminum case, light weight) but unfortunately they are running Windows 7 OS. Moreover some manufacturers provide special drivers to enable some limited and buggy multi touch-pad functions; others optimize their ultrabooks to allow hibernation wake-up under 2 seconds... But none of those competitors can keep up with the MBA’s 7 hours of battery usage.

But the real problem is not the hardware or the quality of their products, but the Windows OS. Even the MBA runs only for 4 hours when is booted on Windows 7, and has equal performance to the other Windows OS ultrabooks.

I would say that the MBA hardware is not as good as other ultrabooks presented at Cebit convention, but the latest MacOS X is by far more powerful than Windows 7, at least when it comes to portability, battery life and multi-touch trackpad support…

Here the top 3 Windows Ultrabooks:

LG Z330 and Z430 Super Ultrabook
Size: 1.47 cm thick
Weight: ~1.3 kg
Runtime: N/A

Asus Zenbook UX31
Size: 0.3-1.7 cm thick
Weight: 1.4 kg
Runtime: ~6 hours

SAMSUNG Series 5 (14”)
Size: 2.09 cm thick
Weight: 1.84kg
Runtime: ~6 hours


Tom Harding said...

I have used a range of laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks over the years. The Macbooks are definitely beautifully designed pieces of machinery however I find the operating system hold them back.

Looking at the selection of competitors in the article I would suggest the Asus model. The company have created a beautifully looking, thin product with all of the advantages of the Windows 7 O.S.

Anonymous said...

Apple is always a pioneer computer manufacturer. I remember when Steve Jobs present the MBA inside an envelop! It is truly amazing how thin this computer is.

Jack2 said...

I hate Macs. You pay so much for the design. No way!

Jacob said...

I think that there is no comparison to MAC it comes under niche which nobody can compare. I feel that MAC air is worth for its price.