Thursday, February 02, 2012

Top 5 Foods to Boost Productivity

Food is more than just fuel for your body. It’s also a fuel for your mind which means good food can boost your mental performance and productivity. More often than not, you need to undergo a regular diet of healthy food to ensure your productivity in any work conditions.
But aside from your regular diet, there is actually food that can give you a quick boost to become more productive. Enjoy these types of food while at work and notice your productivity improve in no time.
Honey It is a bit surprising that honey could actually boost your productivity. But the orange liquid can help you greatly deal with stress. It can also help with fatigue, sore throats and even digestion problems.
Milk Milk does not necessarily boost your brains but it has a powerful contribution to your body because it’s extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and other minerals. Milk can also help develop the immune system which means you will never have to miss work again since you are consistently healthy.
Whole Grains Whole grains are rich in fiber as well as other vitamins and minerals. The fiber content is very beneficial to the body because it has the ability to deal with stomach problems as well as flushing out the dangerous toxins.
Dates Easy to digest and there are tons of available soluble formats of dates in different pharmacies and groceries. They are rich in fructose and sucrose or simply sugar and they are known for their quick boost of energy.
Olive Oil Great for the skin and known to prevent cancer, olive oil could even prevent aging because of their antioxidants. It’s a bit more expensive that regular oil but the health benefits are more than enough for its price.


Johnny said...

Don't forget water and juices! Foods full in proteins such as tuna, meat, soy foods,nuts and mature bean are necessary in your diet as well. I used to drink a lot of tea when I am working. Tea gives me power and keep me warm, especially in the winter!

Rodney said...

Olive oil is a very tasty oil, I even fry with it (chips, nuggets, fish). It resist heat better than other oils, it can stand up to 210°C whereas other oils begin to deteriorate at 180°C.

Daniela said...

If you consume the appropiate and far more important the natural, biological products without any substances, will not only boost your productivity, but also the quality of your life.

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