Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 10 Secret Santa Christmas presents for work colleagues

Gift giving in the office through Secret Santa is very common. It’s a way for colleagues to give each other a memorable gift for the holidays. These gifts don’t have to be expensive but it shows that work colleagues really care for each other especially during the holidays.
If you can’t think of an affordable gift as a Secret Santa, look for these items as options for gifts:
  1. Small Plush Toys – this is a perfect gift for high-pressure offices. Plush toys can help soothe the tension because they can be used as a stress ball.
  2. Stress Ball – a stress ball never goes out of style and it’s perfect for everyone. Be creative with your stress ball by purchasing items with a good design or message.
  3. Slippers – this may not be a common Christmas gift but it’s one of the simple gifts you could give that can relieve stress of the feet.
  4. Desk Notes – there are thousands of desk notes to choose from so you have to select a very unique desk notes to stand out.
  5. Rubik’s Cube – it’s inexpensive and people are very familiar with the toy.
  6. USB Santa Claus – there are hundreds of USB flash disks you could purchase online and they come in various designs including Santa Claus.
  7. USB Rocket Launcher – one of the most popular affordable gadgets because of its unique system at a very affordable price.
  8. Caps and Ear Warmers – Another popular option is to hand out items that help with the weather without spending too much.
  9. Custom Designed Pencils – the pencils don’t have to be about Christmas but look for these designs to commemorate the holiday season.
  10. USB Cup Warmer – another popular gift for co-workers in the office because it’s very simple (plug and play), affordable and can keep cups warm for hours.