Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 10 Excuses for Not Going to Work

We all have our reasons why we don’t want to go to work. While many of these reasons are true, there are days where you simply don’t want to show up at work. Telling your boss that you can’t go to work simply works because you don’t want to leave a bad impression and have possibly termination.

Even though we think of different creative ways to make excuses at work, we usually end up with some familiar conditions. The following are the top 10 excuses of employees who don’t want to go to work.

10. Diarrhea – very familiar and common since it leaves you some window to simply stay at home because you constantly need the toilet.
9. My Kid is Sick – one of the most popular excuses because employees don’t have to prove anything after their kid recovers.
8. You Don’t Feel Good and Will be at the Hospital – relatively common because it’s true. People calling in with this reason often ask for a medical certificate to prove that they actually went to the hospital because something is wrong.
7. “It’s my time of the month” – women can call in with this problem without any dispute from their boss especially if their boss is a man.
6. Still at the Airport – after a long weekend, you can easily extend your vacation by calling to tell them that you’re still stuck at the airport.
5. “I have to deal with something personal” – the keyword here is “something personal” they can’t ask for anything more because this will be invasion of privacy.
4. Someone Passed Away – this is another popular excuse since you can easily make up something especially when your boss is not familiar with your personal background.
3. Car Trouble – although not a perfect excuse not to work, it’s one of the best excuse to come in late. Just make sure you didn’t purchase your car last week.
2. Weather Problems – more often than not, weather problems can easily become the reason why you don’t want to work but it often turns out you’re not the only one out there.
1. Migraine – perfect excuse for people who already experienced migraines while at work.


Tim Holton said...

I think the top ten list contains some classic reasons not to go to work. I think the migraine one is a bit strange I suffer from migranes but it would have to be a pretty bad migrane to stop you from coming to work, the "something personal" excuse sounds like a great idea to me.

Juliette said...

Such an useful and interesting post.Be careful though with the excuses that you use, do not use one of them many times or in regular basis, have a variety in the excuses that you make in order no to go to work..thats my friendly advice!

Pedro Santos said...

I know a girl who has chronic migraines. It is really bad for a few hours. During that time she must be in the bed!!!

Jake said...

Do people actually say it's something personal and get a day off? Isn't everything personal? How often do people not come to work because its of something NOT personal? Anyway I'm going to try it next time and let you know how it goes!