Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Flooring for Offices

Choosing the right type of flooring is essential for a well insulated office. Although it’s fairly easy to choose flooring based on personal preferences, there are other factors that makes a specific type is ideal for the office.

Tiles as Floor

Tiles are very hard and sturdy which is very ideal for offices looking for a floor with great support for heavy objects. The advantage of tiles is not only on its sturdy feature but also for its wide range of options based on design. The disadvantage of tile as flooring option is that it could create a lot of noise.

The Hardwood Option

Hardwood is almost the same as tiles when it comes to design options but only better on the noise level. Wood is recommended for those who want to have the classic look in their office floor. The main disadvantage is its vulnerability to scratches as well as dents.

Laminate Option

A laminated floor is a relatively new flooring option for offices. The properties of laminated floor are practically the combination of wood and vinyl. This means you’ll have a good looking floor with better resistance to scratches and dents because of the vinyl property.

Carpeted Floor

Carpets are very popular in offices because of its ability to insulate the room. The design option is also very good and installation is relatively easy compared to wood and tiles. The challenge for carpeted floors, on the other hand, is the maintenance cost. Carpets are very susceptible to scratches, dirt and even smell which means regular cleanup is a must.