Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top MacBook Pro Laptop Rivals

Apple continues to set the benchmark on what a mobile device should be with its slew of impressive products such as the iPhone and the iPad. For notebooks, The MacBook Pro has become something every other notebook manufacturer wants to beat. Like the rest of the devices from Apple, MacBook Pro set the benchmark or parameters on the ideals of a notebook.

Notebook manufacturers have recently released a slew of notebooks with specs noteworthy to be tagged as a MacBook rival:

Dell XPS 15z

Dell’s XPS 15z leads the pack of MacBook rivals with its powerful hardware and gorgeous looks. The laptop is 24.68mm and weighs around 2.5kgs which is very impressive considering the parts under the hood. Each Dell XPS 15z is powered by Core i5 or i7 (depending on the price) and comes with 8GB of memory with hard disk space of up to 750GB. Price: $999.00.

Samsung Series 9

Samsung’s Series 9 is thinner and lighter. It’s only 16.3mm in width and only weighs 1.31kgs. It’s amazing that Samsung could fit Core i5 with 4GB of memory. Instead of a hard drive, the Series 9 comes with 128GB of SSD. This feature unfortunately pushes the device’s price which is currently in retail for $2499.00.

HP Elite Series

HP recently released a series of laptops geared for consumers and businesses. The latest HP Elite Series comes with variety of specs and the leader of the pack is the 8460p version with an impressive battery capacity of up to 32 hours. Price depends on the choice of processors (Core i5 or i7) additional graphic cards and hard disc capacity.