Thursday, September 01, 2011

Top 3 Ways to Make your Office Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly office can easily help the environment as well as cut costs in operating expenses. While switching off the air-conditioner when it gets colder can help drive costs down and help the environment, there are other ways an office can save money and become eco-friendly.

Reuse and Reduce on Paper

Every office should recycle their paper. But recycling alone does not help the environment because even using recycled paper means that a tree had to be cut down. Think beyond recycling and look for opportunities to limit usage of paper. A good example is to use “Virtual Fax” instead of the usual fax machine. It’s also a good idea to send an e-mail to everyone instead of printing out individual memos.

But if you really want to use paper, make sure that it’s already recycled and never hesitate to use the other side. Some offices cut their papers into ¼ sheets and use them as notepads for later use.

Reusing Ink Cartridges

Brand new ink cartridges work without any flaws after a successful installation. This is also true for reused ink cartridges. Instead of purchasing new ink cartridges, look for a supplier that can recycle the cartridge by refilling its ink. Aside from helping the environment, you’re also cutting costs as refilling ink in cartridges is more affordable than buying brand new cartridges.

Discarding Unnecessary Office Supplies

There are many discarded office supplies that usually end up in the bin. Among them are plastic coffee cups in the office. Everyone should just bring a mug to save on coffee cups and prevent unnecessary mess in the workplace.