Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top 3 Unique Places to Work

A regular office will look like a collection of cubicles where everyone is very busy in front of their computers or dealing with customers through a glass window. But there are offices around the world that will make you rethink what a typical office should be. The following are some of the most unique offices in the world. As expected, these offices are from well known brands and companies, as they push their employees to do more or think outside the box.

Red Bull Office in London

The Red Bull office in London is a highly unique office because it features slides instead of escalators and tables in their meeting rooms can also be used for table tennis. The office also features a roof terrace where employees can hang out and enjoy the view of the bustling city of London.

Googleplex in Mountain View, California

The search engine giant did not hold back in getting the best for their employees. Their main office has a swimming spa, doctors on site that can help their employees anytime and free meals. There are also sports facilities that practically cater to any type of hobby. It’s one of the most popular workplaces in the world and it receives more than 1,300 resumes everyday.

Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California

Pixar is all about inspiration – and their office makes sure that their employees will always have something to be inspired about. It’s practically a complex with different types of offices you can’t find anywhere. Large open spaces to socialize and lounge areas where you can sit comfortably surrounded by world class designs.


Anonymous said...

these are some amazing offices. There is no question, why so many people want to join those companies. I would love to work for google in that complex. very interesting post and thanks for sharing

Piers Walker said...

I am very much intrigued by the offices of Redbull! I even didn't know their offices were -also- based on London!

The Googleplex, ah yes. That one is world famous. Who wouldn't want to work there? Free food, open spaces and it is nearly a hotel.

Pixar? Hm, never heard of their offices before. I know the products they make of course; but never knew about their offices self.

I am actually quite happy where I am. Central London, prime location. The City is a great place to hang out and work, I'm loving it...

Patrick said...

These are the companies that know how important the work environment is for employee performance. You can see the affects of this if you check their financial statements as well.

Kerry Wheeler said...

I guess it's not surprising that some of the most interesting brands have the most unique working environments.

I have heard alot about Google's offices in Mountain View and it seems like one of the best places to work. But if they get 1,300 resumes a day it must be one of the most sought after companies on the globe.

Red Bull is a very interesting business that was created by a marketing agency. I'm sure that the company are going to push markeitng forward quickly in the future.

The company that is missing from the list is Apple. I think that their new office, which resembles a space ship, will definitely push them up the list.

Johnson said...

Working at these places is kind of dream job since the working atmosphere has been made to cool that it doesnt seems like pressure for working. I even heared about google that the employees have a separate room where they just go n relax and that is a part of their work because when you sit idle you get great creative ideas.