Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ways to Save Electricity in Your Office

An office can easily save on electricity with a few changes to its current way of working. It is often very challenging for an office to reduce the costs of electricity because it’s a requirement to maintain the business operations. However, there are some changes on office equipment configurations an office can adapt to save on electricity while maintaining efficiency.
Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is very expensive but necessary because it helps maintain the temperature to prevent the computers from breaking and making everyone comfortable at work. It’s important to take a good look on how the air conditioning system is set-up to reduce costs.
The best way to save on air-conditioning is to properly insulate the office. The walls should be set-up with multiple coats so that air does not get-out. It’s also energy efficient to use multiple window type air conditioners compared to large air-conditions to centralize the entire office.
Computer Monitors and other Computer Equipments
Set-up your computer monitors to switch off after a few minutes if theyare not in use. It’s also important to switch off your printers and photocopiers after they have done their job. Since printers and photocopiers do not have the capability to automatically switch off, everyone has to do it manually.
Proper Use of Lighting
Always take advantage of daylight since it can help light the office without using any electricity. Place the tables and chairs in areas where you can easily take advantage of the natural lighting. You can easily save money in this set-up by simply rearranging the office.