Monday, August 22, 2011

Technology Events - Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is an independent company that works with the technology industry. The business produces a range of services and events including special briefings, business to business forums, executive coaching &and master classes.

The Chemistry Club holds 9 events each year in Central London venues. These are not social gatherings and should be taken as “work forums”. The evenings bring together a variety of different people from different companies. Attendees are usually; executive management from large businesses, global IT suppliers, individuals from the public sector and directors from private equity firms. To encourage debate at the discussions Chemistry Club also invites Chief Executives, Marketing Directors, Heads of Procurement, Academics, Operations Directors and Security & Risk Directors.

The evenings usually have a topical speaker who discusses a relevant change in the technology sector. They are followed by a lively question and answer session which can bring up further thought provoking questions. The events allow members to meet and discuss the industry with others; it does not matter whether the individuals have met before and it is entirely up to mutual consent who speaks to who. Despite the forums being busy, attendees do have enough time to go at their own pace and talk to as few or as many people as they would like. The evenings represent a great use of any member’s time.

The Chemistry Club's master classes are also a popular choice for members who to learn more. They offer the ability for individuals to improve their networking skills and provide methodologies for following up conversations.