Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keeping your Computer Clean - Make your Monitor and Keyboard Sparkling

Protecting your computer from viruses and online attacks is very important. A good anti-virus and anti-spyware can maintain your computer’s performance even with continued use. With millions of viruses and spywares online, it’s important to have a powerful program to protect your computer all the time.

But aside from protecting your computer from online attacks and viruses, it’s also important to maintain the cleanliness of the physical aspect of your computer. You need to have the proper cleaning equipment to ensure your computer is clean inside and outside.

Using an LCD Cloth

Even if you’re only using CRT monitors, it’s still a good idea to use LCD cloths to clean your laptop and PC monitors. A good LCD cloth prevents any type of scratches on your computer monitor. The cloth is even useful for other digital devices such as mobile phones, televisions and tablets.

Water and Alcohol Only

There are areas of your computer that will require you to moisten the cloth to easily remove the dirt. Do not use anything else other than water and alcohol. There are liquid solutions sold in some computer shop specifically for LCDs but they are only useful for monitors and not on other computer parts.

Other Peripherals to Clean Your Computer

Portable vacuum cleaner and cotton swabs are also good cleaning tools for your computer. The portable vacuum cleaner is for hard to reach areas especially for personal computers. The cotton swab is useful for removing dirt in smaller places the vacuum can’t easily access. Just be careful and avoid very sensitive areas of your computer or else your PC might not work.