Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Serviced and Non-Serviced Offices

Serviced offices can greatly help businesses, especially small, start-up entrepreneurs. A service office comes with practically everything an entrepreneur needs without having to procure anything. Aside from a small office space, a serviced office comes with different types of amenities that will surely aid the entrepreneur in their business transactions. Services such as internet connection, a phone line with fax and a fully furnished office are only some of the amenities of a serviced office.

Although a serviced office is ideal for small businesses, it can be costly in the long run. It’s highly recommended for small businesses that requires temporary assistance for their office needs. The monthly cost of running a serviced office can be counter-productive especially when there’s a need for a permanent office.

While a serviced office is deal for short term office needs, a non-serviced office is ideal for businesses with a long term plan of operation in a specific location. Offices like these are usually larger and they require some time for set-up before they become useful. The disadvantage of non-serviced office is the need to procure and subscribe to certain products and services. Services such as phone lines and internet connection are not yet set-up in a non-serviced office.

The main advantage of a non-serviced office is the cost. A business with a non-serviced office is practically renting a room for an extended period of time. No additional payment is required especially when the non-serviced office will require some set-up. A non-serviced office is also cost effective because the rent is often lower in a long term deal.


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