Friday, April 29, 2011

Understanding Wireless Printers

Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi is one of the best wireless technologies because it allows computers to connect to each other and to the internet without any wires. Wi-Fi has become the prevalent method of communication for some individuals because they can use Wi-Fi to connect online and get in touch with the people they know. The connectivity is not just famous for being on computers; it is also widely used on mobile devices further proving its significance.

Wireless connectivity is available on many other devices including the latest idea of including it within printers. Simply put, computers that can connect to a wireless network will also have the capability to print different documents to a printer with a wireless connection. Printers can connect to the network through Wi-Fi which means computers will not require any cable to print any documents.

Requirements for Initial Setup

Printers will always have the limitation in interacting with the system and for this reason; initial set-up is a must in order for the device to connect to an existing network. For proper configuration, the printer first connects to a computer on a network with a USB cable. The computer connects the printer to the wireless network by providing the device basic information such as the SSID of the network and the network’s password if necessary.

Software as Requirement

For security purposes and additional personal configuration on printing, every computer should have a manufacturer’s software in order to print wirelessly. Although the wireless printer is visible in the network, additional interaction requires a manufacturer’s program.