Thursday, April 07, 2011

Understanding Magnetic Charging in Gadgets

Magnetic or wireless charging is a relatively new concept in charging portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and handheld gaming gadgets. It’s a very unique concept since charging does not require any wires. The device is charged when placed on a specific magnetic platform. The term “magnetic charging” comes from the fact that different devices are charged through the charging pads magnetic field.

Inductive Charging

Magnetic, wireless chargers use one of the three different types of wireless charging: inductive charging. The other two types of wireless charging are radio charging and resonance charging. Through inductive charging, the device only has to reach a contact point so that it could be charged immediately. The point of contact is the device’s plate which provides a good area for different devices to charge at the same time.

Receivers Required

One of the biggest misconceptions about inductive charging for mobile gadgets is that it will immediately work as long as the devices are properly placed on top of the mat. But the reality is a lot different since the mat will only communicate with a specific receiver. This is the reason why wireless charging mat come with a receiver to attach to the back of the phone’s battery. The most popular accessories for receivers are the iPhone and iPod, Nintendo DS/DSi and Blackberry Phones.

But the lack of specific compatible charging options doesn’t mean you can’t charge your products through this type of charging. Magnetic charging sales packages also include an adapter that could be used for almost any mobile phones, Mp3 players and other mobile devices.