Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Learn More About Interactive White Boards

Interactive White Boards or IWB is a powerful technology usually geared for businesses and educators. As the name suggests, it is basically a white board that accept images from projectors connected to computers. Instead of commanding the computer for specific actions, users simply input their commands on the white boards. It is highly useful for educational purposes as images and information could be easily manipulated by teachers. For businesses, data doesn’t have to be remotely controlled as the presenter can easily provide the information.

Hardware Considerations

The hardware requirements in IWB are not just based on the projectors and computers. Companies manufacturing IWBs also provide specialized white boards that can easily accept command from users.

White board interaction differs per manufacturer. However, the default interaction is usually through stylus so that the projector and white board could have pinpoint accuracy on the commands coming from users. Other manufacturers can easily detect finger movements but it will require some calibration before any type of interaction is possible. There are also manufacturers that sell specialized IR or infrared pens so that interaction can be easily detected. Last but not the least, some manufacturers install infrared sensors in the whiteboard itself for faster data interpretation.

Interactive White Board Cost

The cost of each system depends on the size and industry. Companies that manufacture IWBs usually provide special discount for schools and organizations that will use the technology for educational purposes. On the other hand, business IWBs will usually range from $700 for the portable system to $5,000 for a fully interactive system with large screen display.