Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What You Need to Know About Virtual Keyboards

Physical keyboards ensure the needed interaction between the electronic device and its user. However, it comes with some disadvantages in today’s environment especially on mobile devices, as keyboards limit the screen size. This is the reason why most mobile phones today use touch screens with virtual keyboards that can be included in the screen when necessary.
But one type of keyboard tries to push the boundaries of virtual interaction. There is a keyboard in the market today that beams a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. Instead of using the keyboard displayed in the screen of the mobile phone, a device is used to beam the keyboard onto a flat surface and user can interact with their mobile device through this virtual keyboard.
Simplified Mechanism
The device used to beam the virtual keyboard is ideal for mobile gadgets since its small and light. It uses infrared to beam the keyboard which is considered an advantage since the keyboard could be used even in darkness. The device connects to different mobile phones as well as computers through Bluetooth.
The virtual keyboard is very impressive in its performance as long as it can be installed properly with the gadget and connection is optimal through Bluetooth. It even comes with a clicking sound so that users will know if the letter they keyed in was actually accepted.
Because of its advanced mechanisms and it’s a relatively new technology, it is a bit expensive. Prices for popular virtual keyboards are from $150 to $200.