Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mili Power Pico Projector

Pico projector is an increasingly popular accessory for business travellers. The ability to start a slideshow presentation on the road without heavy equipment is increasing its appeal. Mili, makers of popular chargers for iPhone and other Apple related products, came out with their own Pico projector. Its main draw is that it’s fully compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and other mobile devices from Apple.

The Mili Power Pico Projector is a clamshell device that transforms into a dock for mobile devices of Apple. It can be used as a charger or it can be used as a projector. The device is certified by Apple which means it will work without any problem. Don’t expect HD output as its quality can be compared to other Pico projectors. Its quality can churn out 640 x 480 VGA and there’s a built-in speaker although it would be better to use an external speaker for better audio quality.

Aside from Apple mobile devices, the Mili Power Pico Projector can also handle most devices with video-out option. It has an adapter for video input that can work with different video players. The device also comes with additional cord for connecting the projector to laptops and computers.

Charging time for the device is at three hours and the battery lasts 1.5 hours with full video and audio use.


Francy Peano said...

The ability to start a slideshow presentation on the road without any equipment seems really usefull! Very smart idea!