Thursday, July 15, 2010

VTech LS6325 Cordless Phone

Even though mobile phones have become a necessity for personal and business use, landline phones are still important because they offer a “stable” connection for everyone. The mobile phone may be lost but a landline phone can be reached anytime through any phone booth.

With this in mind, VTech is introducing the LS6325 Cordless Phone. Designed specifically for consumers and small business, it’s more than just your regular phone line without the messy chords. The LS6325 comes with PTT or Push-To-Talk technology. This allows phone connectivity in different rooms at home or in various areas of the office. This device removes the necessity to create expensive networking so that each one would have a regular line. The PTT technology is also useful for small businesses since this will improve inter-office communication without extra expenses. The LS6325 also has great looking display on the phone and on the docking system.