Friday, July 02, 2010

Teeth whitening lamp

The name Desktop Teeth Whitening Lamp says it all – it’s a simple device that can help anyone whiten teeth. The gadget looks like a small lamp but instead of illuminating your desk, the device will whiten your teeth. It will only use a small space so anyone can bring it to office and use it. The device is perfect for those who are concerned with the colour of their teeth because of coffee, cigarettes or red wine.

Using the device is very easy. The device will require a whitening gel and it will be used to whiten the teeth through the blue light emitted from the device. The teeth will eventually become whiter because the lamp will treat or “oxidise” the teeth’s pigment in no time. The process is very simple since users simply point the lamp to their teeth and expect some results. For optimal results, lamp should be used for 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, fast results with impressive design means the device is not going to be budget friendly. The teeth whitening tool costs more than £250 which is quite extravagant for such a small device and it is better if you see a dentist who could help you detect underlying teeth problems.


best buy appliances said...

Well, I have seen this in my dentist's clinic. I want to have that treatment she mentioned me using that gadget, but it's too costly yet for me.