Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Office gadget: Ergoroller

Staying in front of the computer for hours is not easy. As office computer users stay longer in front of their machines, they have to consider additional devices they could benefit from.

One of those devices is the “Ergoroller”. The product is a very simple device. It is manufactured to replace the wrist pad that supports the user’s wrists while holding the mouse. The traditional wrist pad is mainly made of foam. But the Ergoroller uses balls which massages your wrist while you use the mouse. Your wrist is practically going through a massage while working. The balls are just high enough to support your wrist so that you can still hold the mouse in an even manner.

The only downside to this simple computer accessory is the component of the balls. Because they are made of metal, it might get a bit difficult for some to rest their wrist on a hard material all day. But this could be a perfect alternative to the cushion wrist support. You can swap the Ergoroller from time to time if you want to rub your wrist for relaxation. It’s a highly unique gadget that will most likely attract anyone’s attention in the office.