Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Digital voice recorder

Computers can easily record a person's voice thanks to the software that already comes with most operating systems. There are situations when a conversation, speech or meeting should be recorded and a computer is nowhere to be found. A laptop will work fine but live recording could easily sap out its battery. For these unique circumstances when meetings have to be recorded, a digital voice recorder can be a good option. While there are hundreds of brands and versions to choose from, here are the factors to consider in selecting the right digital recorder for business.

Brand new or used? - It’s always advisable to consider brand new gadgets for this type of task. Because a digital voice recorder is a small device, it has to be covered by manufacturers warranty because it's more susceptible to damages.
No additional software - there are digital recorders that require software installed before files can be accessed. This can easily hinder users from accessing files in any computer. Choose a digital voice recorder that can be accessed as a mass storage device.

Choose branded devices - aside from warranty from the manufacturer, devices from well known manufacturers are known to be sturdy. There are popular products that are in mid-range prices (£150-£200) but their only difference is the storage capability. Don't worry about this feature because mid-range products can store more than 100 hours of recording.

Be smart in choosing a digital voice recorder. It’s a small gadget that can really help businesses in their documentation needs.