Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The smartphone Palm Pre

Palm Pre is a powerful Smartphone released in 2009 and became one of the top competitors of iPhone. Palm, Inc. has revised its operating system to compete with a very powerful gadget from Apple. The OS behind the new Palm is called Web OS which gained positive reviews from users and technology experts.

While iPhone is riding on the popularity of its touch screen capability, Palm Pre opted to push their phone further by offering a slide QWERTY keypad with multi-touch. This gives users more options on how to interact with their gadget. It's also the first Smartphone to use wireless charging. Their "touchstone" charger (sold separately) allows users to simply put their phone on top of the gadget for charging. As already indicated, the OS of the gadget is very impressive. Using "cards" as buttons for touch screen interaction, users can flip to various pages of applications. Web OS allows multi-tasking which is very helpful as this will help power users to do much more on their phone. Synching through various email sources is also possible through Web OS.

On the other hand, Palm Pre lacks the storage capability when compared to iPhone. Pre only has 8GB of storage while at the same price; users can have iPhone with 16GN of storage. Addition of applications is also limited because the internal storage of Palm Pre is only 512MB. But it's still a large storage capability as this will allow users to install essential applications in their mobile phone.
Overall, Palm Pre is a very attractive mobile phone. The addition of QWERTY with multi-touch is very impressive.