Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheque writing system

The accounting department of any business will most likely need a cheque writing system. This tool will aid the accounting department to accurately write cheques while preventing any type of forgery. But just like most gadgets, any check writing system is not perfect for any business.
The following are the factors to consider when choosing such a writing system:
• Number of digits - there are writing systems that can print only up to 10 digits. There are also some systems that can print up to 14 digits.
• On board memory - there are cheque writing systems that record the amount entered for easier accounting. This might not be needed for small business but an essential feature for larger ones.
• Forgery prevention - cheque writing systems that have a specific character writing behaviour.
• Warranty - while the cheque writing system will not really work hard in the office compared to other gadgets, it's still essential to purchase them under warranty. As much as possible, look for a system that comes with a 1-year warranty.

Considering Check Writing Software

On the other hand, there are softwares or applications that can print cheques. This feature is often added in accounting applications. However, it's advisable that this should be considered only when there's a reliable printer that can be customised based on the size of the paper. Without customization, the prints on the cheques might not be placed in the right area.