Friday, November 20, 2009

Smart iPhone Apps

iPhone is not just a fad phone. Under the right circumstances, the phone can become a powerful office device that can aid professionals anywhere. The following are free applications for entrepreneurs that transform the phone into a powerful office tool.

Whiteboard - Have a virtual drawing board in your iPhone that can be viewed and manipulated by another user. The application works perfectly on Wifi and the application can be used for collaboration for better ideas. You can use the ease of interaction with iPhone to create clear notes during the meeting.

Voicenotes - Have an idea in mind? Don't use the iPhone to write notes and waste time. Simply launch Voicenotes in your iPhone and dictate your idea. It's a simple but highly efficient voice recorder. The best thing about the application is that it's straightforward so there's no confusion on how to use the application.

Free RSS Reader - The name of the application says it all. This RSS reader will get you connected to the latest news on your preferred subject. It will take time to configure because of the keywords required but once the application is fully configured, it will work with virtually no additional tweaking.

Remote Desktop Lite - Never miss a file again with this application. Accessible via Wifi, 3G or EDGE, the application will allow you to access your PC anywhere. Although there is no sound support, the application should be good enough to view files and even manipulate your computer from a remote location. A business version exists but small business and solo professionals can gain a lot from the free version.