Thursday, November 19, 2009

Office collaboration tool

Two heads are better than one - this is the idea of online or offline collaboration tools as they provide a platform for business and individuals to share what they know. The power of the internet has practically destroyed the boundaries of ideas. Aside from sharing ideas in one area, the world can contribute if users allow them.
The following are popular formats for online collaboration: project management and document creation. A collaborative tool for project management is basically an online manager but allows everyone to contribute and provide updates. This is often established by project managers but many small office tasks can also benefit from this tool.

Document creation, on the other hand, allow users to provide additional information on the document at will. Google Docs and WriteWith are two of the most popular collaborative tools for document creation and editing.
There are also collaborative tools that are not necessarily for business processes. Ning, Nexo and WetPaint are considered "heavyweights" in this category because these sites are online boards for members. These sites allow users to blog, post videos, photos and other multi-media for everyone to see. This is not necessarily collaboration but this is very useful for information sharing. But online collaboration is not just based on project management, document creation and social networking. There are even sites that allow free video and audio conferencing. These tools might require software to run but they can be used for free. Collaboration doesn't have to be a tedious process with the help of these online tools.