Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fingerprint time attendance system

Fingerprint time attendance is a highly efficient time monitoring technology. It can't be easily beaten by other up and coming technologies since it uses a simple yet reliable method to monitor the employee's time - the fingerprint. Instead of an awkward face, voice and other forms of recognition for time attendance, a mere thumbprint will log-in or log out a person at work.

The technology is also safe from possible fraud because employees have to literally cut off their thumb just to remotely fool the system. Fortunately, the popularity of fingerprint technology has decreased the price of this gadget that small offices can now consider this device. A small business will be able to implement this system and with a few employees, the fingerprint scanner could be running in just a few days. The most affordable version of this system costs no more than $250.

At this price, businesses will be able to implement a system that will log the time-in and time-out of the employees. However, many fingerprint time attendance systems can be easily integrated with accounting applications such as QuickBooks. This can easily help the accounting department but this feature will easily shoot up the price of the system and will limit the number of users. For this reason, integration with accounting application is only recommended when there are more than 50 employees in the company.

A fingerprint scanner for a time attendance is a simply but very useful tool. But careful consideration on features is recommended to choose the right product at a reasonable price.


thomas said...

The right fingerprint Time and Attendance software system is highly efficient and can save you time, reduce errors, build trust, drive change and, most importantly, quickly start paying back your investment whilst adding value to your business.

smartsuite said...

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