Thursday, November 26, 2009

All-in-One PCs for the Office

An "all-in-one" PC is a form of personal computer that does not come with a separate CPU (Central Processing Unit). Thanks to technology, the hardware needed to run the computer is placed below and at the back of the monitor. The DVD slot and other peripherals are usually placed at the back of the computer monitor as well. It provides the ultimate convenience for office since it saves on space and they usually come in larger screens. Users simply attach a keyboard and mouse to use the PC. The all-in-one PC was designed for family use since it's built to handle media, games and document processing well. But businesses can also benefit from the design.

Aside from space, it's powerful for most (if not all) basic functions in the office, good screen size without asking too much. There are impressive all-in-one PCs that do not cost more than $400 especially the basic configuration. With that price, you get a good processor (Atom), a hard drive that's no less than 160GB, 18.5" or more in screen size and Windows 7. Most all-in-one PCs will immediately work with fewer configurations especially if the office has Wifi. Your office can also enjoy this type of PC for entertainment because of its ability to handle most high-definition videos.

The only disadvantage of the all-in-one PCs is that many of the designs offer limited upgrades. But the current configuration and for basic office needs, the all-in-one PC will work well for various offices for many years.