Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Surveys and office improvement

An office manager can't single-handedly improve business flow or even the physical look of the office. It's essential that the office manager should look for assistance and for more improvement ideas.
Also the employees should at least have a say on how to improve the business. A good way to know how the employees feel is to conduct a simple but significant survey.
A survey can be conducted online or by simply asking the employees about the survey. The latter option could take time but its ideal for small businesses especially those who wanted to express their personal feeling about the questions and options.

When properly done, the survey will not only provide the favourite option but also the general feeling of the employees about the option.
Aside from using surveys to improve internal business operations, surveys can also be used to know more about customers' feelings and thoughts. The best way to solicit customers’ reactions about your services is an online survey. You can post weekly or monthly surveys for the customers to fill out. The challenging part is actually on attracting more users to answer your survey. You can increase customer reaction by providing coupon codes for discounts after the survey.
Last but not least: don't forget to consider the results of the survey. You are giving your employees and customers the options to express their opinions. That means you have to work around the recommendations.