Friday, October 23, 2009

Sharing the Office for Funding Sources

Many start-up businesses want to give a good impression to their clients. Although they can operate in their garage or at home, it's a lot better to have an office as it can provide a professional image. Technical support is also better when the equipment is properly placed in an office.
But most start-up businesses are finding it hard to instantly set-up an office simply because the rent and new equipment is expensive. This is where small yet established businesses can make money. Because of the recession, many small businesses are freeing their space because of reduced manpower. The office space can be rented to other small businesses for a monthly or weekly fee. Some businesses even opted to rent their space with a daily fee.
Setting up this extra source of fund is relatively easy. Basically, those who wanted to rent an office space are expecting to have complete access to necessary technology. A computer with internet access, fax and a dedicated phone line can easily attract small businesses. A good space for a table and few chairs should also be in place.

Privacy is very important in this type of business. Always consider what can and cannot be accessed by those who opted to rent the space. As you respect their privacy, you should also provide boundaries as you are also operating a business. You could place your company in jeopardy if you extend access of information to those who rent an office space.
Using the gadgets already found in your office, you can easily start renting your space for other small business. It's a simple set-up but can help you earn money without spending too much in start-up capital.