Friday, October 02, 2009

Make your office employee friendly with these supplies

Working in an office is relatively easy. However, there are awkward situations an office worker have to go through that may affect productivity. The solutions to their problems are usually very simple but the supplies they need are not there.
To avoid further inconvenience in your office, stack your supply or band aid cabinet with these:
• Safety Pin - wardrobe malfunction is a very humiliating experience for anyone. This can even affect the company's image if the malfunction happens with the client. Avoid these problems by providing safety pins for everyone to use.
• Basic Medicines - a first aid kit is great since it has all the things you need in case of emergency. However, medicines for everyday inconveniences such as heartburn, muscle pain and cough are not available. Add these to the supply box and employees will feel great all the time.
• Breath mints - This suggestion is rather odd but can be very useful in many situations. Some employees might have eaten something that doesn't smell pleasant before a client meeting. A breath mint can actually help your employees have a good impression to clients or simply just to feel better.
• Tampons - instead of charging your female employees with generic tampons, supply them with a branded one. Generic tampons are uncomfortable to use and they will simply cost your employees. Providing tampons on the supply cabinet will assure your employees that they will have something to use in case the "big day" of the month comes to your female employees.