Thursday, October 29, 2009

Choose the right courier

Office delivery is a vital part of operation for many small and large scale businesses. Some businesses deliver goods and essential products to their customers to complete the business transaction. Other businesses simply need couriers so that some documents can be delivered to their business partners.
Businesses have two options for delivery. The first option is to have a dedicated group for delivery. This is often required for businesses with heavy delivery or those that need immediate delivery of goods, products or documents. The second option is to outsource delivery. This is the more affordable option since businesses only need to pay per delivery.
Obviously, most businesses choose to outsource their delivery to other businesses. But the challenge in choosing an outsourced service is always the timeliness of delivery. Some courier services might not provide the expected service that can definitely hurt the business process. For that reason, businesses have to choose a courier service based on the following criteria:
• Reputation - a little bit of research will not hurt in knowing the best courier service.
• Manpower - the number of delivery personnel is important since it will be the basis for their capacity in delivery.
• Equipment/vehicle - tracking gadgets as well as vehicles should never be ignored. There are small companies that rely on bike messengers which is a lot more affordable but slower.
• Scope - there are local couriers that that do not do national delivery but can be a bit less expensive.
Courier delivery is a small but essential part of business transaction. Careful selection of the outsourcing company should be made to ensure smooth delivery of documents and goods.